Welcome to the Human Approach free treatment centre. Please watch the following short video to understand the site, and how the free treatment programs can be used by your members or employees to resolve their anxiety or depression.

If you are an organisation which is not focussed on emotional health, then you should know that one in four people suffer some form of emotional distress, and from this you can estimate how many of your employees may find this site useful. Where employees are distressed, they rarely work at their best and can make poor choices and decisions which may be affecting your organisations ability to perform - and you don’t even know about it. Making this site available to employees let’s them help themselves at home, without having to reveal their problems to you.

Promote the site

At the end of this video you will be asked if you would care to promote this site - but let me explain what I mean by ‘promote’.

I am looking for organisations worldwide which are prepared to make this site known to their members and employees in an ongoing manner, thereby allowing me to improve and develop these treatments over time - treatments which I will continue to offer for free.

I do not expect you to endorse or approve the site, simply to make it available with whatever cautionary notes you consider appropriate. One of the easiest ways to do this would be to add a link to your own website with your own brief introduction to the program - including all necessary caveats. If you connect this way, I can offer you regular feedback on how your overall members or employees are benefiting from the site, while maintaining individual confidentiality.

Whether you decide to become involved or not, I ask if you would be willing to pass your knowledge of this site to other organisations you think may be interested. This site offers a lot - particularly to organisations who cannot afford to provide private therapeutic help to their members, or organisations which are constantly under pressure to deliver results and whose employees regularly suffer emotional stress.

All Human Beings can suffer from anxiety or depression and therefore I am making this site available to all organisations - public, private or charity. Add a link to your website/newsletter and join up.

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